Graphic Design

Studying at
Pratt Institute

Brooklyn, New York,

orig. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

610 883–2693

Postcards on learning how to fold a tote bag for gift wrapping. I used the typeface Grow by Dinamo Type Foundry and wrapped it to illustrate the idea of packaging and layering as decoration. Initiated at Typography Summer School NYC 2016.

Art direction and typeface for Black Sabbath's infamous sophomore album Paranoid. Features the release number, length, play speed and original release date on the front side.

Perfume bottle box, label, and advertisement based on a painting by Edgar Degas entitled “L’Absinthe”

Posters for the Reanimation Library, a collection of books from the 20th century that have gone out of circulation and saved for their imagery. Visitors are encouraged to collect and manipulate the contents for their own creative use. I used a typeface called Reader by Colophon Type Foundry because it is based off of an unknown found typeface from an RSPB letter from the 1970s.