Torus 2019
Made for a science exploratory project
inspired by the hypothetical three-torus model of the universe.
Typeface by Dinamo

Book 2 p 1-3
Three posters make book 2
On swirling, and what it means to be displaced from your own center.
Typeface by Jangs Müller Type Foundry

Play off of "This is a printing office" by Beatrice Warde, what it means to negate everthing that once was true.

Posters for parties

How to wrap a gift with a BAGGU
Proposal postcard for BAGGU from Typography Summer School 2016, rethought in 2017

Exercize, conversations, book, typefaces, posters
Conversations and derailments on graphic design and what it means to get better. An anticollaboration (with Kyu Ho Lee)