Pratt Institute: Material Lab, 2019

Identity and collateral

Hua and I collaborated on creating an identity for Pratt Institute's Material Lab. The material lab is a place where students can investigate different samples for their projects. We devised a dynamic logo that changes each time it appears, showcasing the vast array of material options the lab has available. The logo also expands into a system of containers and rules for larger layouts. We also concepted wayfinding and other collateral, such as a tote bag.

Torus, 2019

Poster, poem

I have recently been inspired by theories on the universe, how it was formed, and potentially how it will end. One speculation among some scientists is that the universe has a donut-shaped topology, which would entail that it will implode on itself in what is called "the big crunch," only to explode in a "big bang" again. This poster imagines what life is like in a topologically torus shaped universe. If you extended your arm in one direction, it would return right behind you to tap you on the shoulder. I devised a mirror room in Blender to demonstrate this concept, and wrote a poem to demonstrate the conundrum of life, the universe, and everything. Typeface by Dinamo

P. 1-3, 2019

Three pages

On swirling, and what it means to be displaced from your own center.

Party Posters, 2018

Held parties for students at Pratt Institute and designed large posters to promote them.

I found it very hard to rally the troops to these parties, as all I really wanted was to get my classmates to come together after class for some drinks. This I think is partially due to the size of the posters (24×36) which has a very institutional quality. I think they would have functioned better at a smaller poster size, but I kept within the guidelines of the assignment

How to wrap a gift with a BAGGU, 2016

Initiated at Typography Summer School 2016, I was asked to present a promotional postcard which instructs on how to wrap a gift with a BAGUU tote bag.

This was my first client, and while they did not pick my finished design, I learned a lot from Typography Summer School. It was a great opportunity to get hands on feedback from esteemed designers and being in a constructive learning environment.

Reanimation Library, 2016

Worked with Matthew Ramirez in researching the Reanimation Library, then made my own posters for the library/archive

From their website: The Reanimation Library is an independent presence library. The books in the collection—simultaneously prosaic and peculiar—are relics of the rapidly receding 20th century. Chosen primarily for the images that they contain, they have been culled from thrift stores, rummage sales, flea markets, municipal dumps, library sales, give-away piles, and used bookstores across the country.

*Presence library is a mistranslation of the German word for reference library, Präsenzbibliothek. In addition to being a non-circulating collection, the library encourages IRL encounters with actual books and actual humans.